Hurricane Ian

Category 4 Atlantic hurricane in 2022

Hurricane Ian was a devastating and powerful category 4 hurricane. It was the second major hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. It affected parts of Florida, the Cayman Islands, and Cuba.

Hurricane Ian
Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Ian 2022-09-28 1531Z.png
Hurricane Ian at its strongest hitting southwest Florida on September 28, 2022
FormedSeptember 23, 2022
DissipatedOctober 2, 2022
Highest winds1-minute sustained: 155 mph (250 km/h)
Lowest pressure936 mbar (hPa); 27.64 inHg
Fatalities157+ total[1]
Damage> 113 billion (2022 USD)
Areas affected
Part of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Ian started out as a tropical wave east of the Windward Islands. It was located by the National Hurricane Center on September 19, 2022.[2] It passed over Trinidad and Tobago two days later. It reached a Category 4 on September 28.[3] Hurricane Ian then smashed into Florida, knocking out power and killing many. Hurricane Ian went away on October 2nd. Hurricane Ian may get retired but retirement is not official.

Hurricane Ian satellite image on 29 September 2022, east of the central peninsula.


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