Hurricane Kyle (2008)

Category 1 Atlantic hurricane in 2008

Hurricane Kyle was the eleventh tropical storm and sixth hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. As a low pressure area, it moved slowly across Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. The low dumped heavy rains across those islands.

It later dumped heavy rain Puerto Rico.[1] That resulted in six deaths and $48 million in damage.

A hurricane watch was put up for Maine on September 27.[2] This was the first hurricane watch in 17 years in the state. Elsewhere in New England, the last hurricane watch was 12 years earlier when Hurricane Edouard brushed eastern Massachusetts.[3]

The storm produced high waves along the coasts of Rhode Island and Connecticut. A newly married couple was killed when high waves knocked the wife into rocky shores. Her husband jumped in to save her. He was overcome by the waves himself.

It later struck west-central Nova Scotia as a mild hurricane. When it struck, its winds were near 75 mph. Damage was minor, at $9 million USD.


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