Hurricane Nate (2005)

Category 1 Atlantic hurricane in 2005

Hurricane Nate was an Atlantic hurricane in the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It came close to Bermuda, but did not land there. Nate was the 14th named storm and 7th hurricane of the 2005 season. It started southwest of Bermuda on September 5. It then moved northeast very slowly. It passed south of Bermuda and moved into colder waters. Then, it began to weaken. Nate later became part of a larger weather system.

Hurricane Nate
Category 1 hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Nate on September 6, 2005
FormedSeptember 5, 2005
DissipatedSeptember 10, 2005
Highest winds1-minute sustained: 90 mph (150 km/h)
Lowest pressure979 mbar (hPa); 28.91 inHg
Fatalities2 direct
(Both combined with Hurricane Maria)
Areas affectedBermuda, New Jersey
Part of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season

The storm caused no damage because it stayed at sea. However, one person was killed from rip currents that were caused by the storm. Nate caused light rainfall and gusty winds on Bermuda. Canadian Navy ships that were carrying supplies to help people after Hurricane Katrina were slowed down because of Nate.