Indulf of Scotland

King of Scots

Indulf was king of Scots from 954-962 and succeeded his cousin Malcolm I to the throne of Alba in 954. He died in 962, 8 years after he became king and passed the throne to his son Dub.

King of Alba (Rex Alban)
An Ionsaighthigh.png
Reign954 - 962
PredecessorMalcolm I
Cullen, Scotland
FatherConstantine II


Indulf was king of Alba from 954-962 for 8 years, he was born sometime in the 900's. He reigned after Malcolm I and was succeeded by Dub. An interesting note is that Dub was supposedly black, nicknamed the Niger or the Vehement.


Indulf's reign began in 954 when he was most likely 30 or 40 years old, he died only 8 years later in 962. His legacy is forgotten and does not live on. He is rarely mentioned now.


He died in 962 in Scotland, 100 years after Donald I's death and was succeeded by his eldest son for the first time in the history of Alban Monarchs, Dub.


He is buried in Iona, like most Scottish monarchs from that time period. He was most likely buried not late after his death in around 967/8.[1]


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