Inheritance Cycle

novel series by Christopher Paolini

The Inheritance Cycle is a series of young-adult fictionfantasy books written by Christopher Paolini.

Origin change

In 1998, Christopher Paolini, then 15 years old decided to write a fantasy novel that would be like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars but with a protagonist who rides a dragon. Paolini spent a month working on writing a plan for a trilogy of books about this. Then he spent a year writing the first book called Eragon. Then he gave the book to his father and mother and asked them to edit it. Then his parents started their own publishing company and published Eragon in 2000 when Paolini was 17. Then the company Alfred A. Knopf paid to become the new publisher in 2002 and it became a bestseller, which is to say a book that a lot of people bought. Paolini wrote a sequel called Eldest. After writing it, he started writing a third book called Brisingr but then decided that it was too long so he wrote it as two books called Brisingr and Inheritance (book). He then decided to call it the Inheritance Cycle instead of the Inheritance Trilogy.

Books change

Characters change

  • Eragon: A farm boy who finds a dragon egg and becomes a Dragon Rider.
  • Saphira: Eragon's' sapphire' dragon.
  • Galbatorix, an evil dragon rider who is now Emperor.