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Internet meme

concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet

You might be looking for the normal usage of Meme

A blank example of an internet meme.

An internet meme is something famous on the internet such as an image, a video, or even a person. Internet memes are usually created when someone published something and that thing was spread widely over the Internet. They usually consist of an image with top and bottom text. While spreading over the internet, most internet memes 'evolve' over time, with the original image/video being modified in one way or another by people other than the creator. Every internet meme evolves and has many variants. See: Memes

Two other versions of Internet memes are "dank memes" and "dead memes". Dank memes are thought of as relevant and funny. Dead memes are thought of as not relevant, or not funny. Dead memes can become dank memes if used properly however.

An example of an image macro, once a common type of Internet meme.

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