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Social network service

online platform that facilitates the building of social relations

A social media is a website or service where people talk to, connect with other people. Social media Service can connect people with same interests (like football, schools, dogs) and friends. Most Social media will let you to create profile page with your pictures and information about yourself.

Social media was first proposed in early development of World Wide Web.[1]

The most popular websites like Facebook and Twitter are helping to speed up process of communication. Phone and mail services are slowly becoming less popular thanks to quick and easy way of sharing messages through such networks.

A social media is used for people to get to know each other more and create new friends/connections. Social media are also used to share things with other people.

Many Social media are available on phones and smartphones. Some companies are blocking access to such a websites due to concerns over employees spending too much time on them.

A 2011 survey found that 47% of American adults use a social media service.[2]

List of popular social mediaEdit


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