Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

1990 major conflict between the Ba'athist Iraq and the State of Kuwait

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was a military campaign to occupy Kuwait in the Persian Gulf. Started by Saddam Hussein in 1990 who accused Kuwait of stealing Iraqi oil through slant drilling. In August 2, 1990 Iraq launched 88,000 troops backed up by 750 tanks into Kuwait. Two days after the invasion Kuwait was fully occupied and surrendered. Saddam Hussein made a temporary annexation of Kuwait as the 19th province of Iraq. It was not recognized by the United Nations or other countries.

Invasion of Kuwait
Part of Gulf War

Iraqi Tanks in Kuwait
DateAugust 2, 1990 - August 4

Iraqi victory,

  • Puppet government installed
  • Beginning of the Gulf War

Iraq occupies Kuwait, Border abolished

  • Kuwait admitted as the 19th Province of Iraq
Iraq Iraq Kuwait Kuwait
Commanders and leaders
Iraq Saddam Hussein
Iraq Ali Hassan al-Majid
Kuwait Jaber III
88,000 Forces 16,000 Forces
Casualties and losses

37+ Aircraft lost

Other losses

20 Aircraft lost

  • 200 KIA
  • 600 POWs

Oil production


After the occupation, Iraq took over many of the Kuwaiti oil fields and started taking the oil to keep for Iraq. Factories, businesses and industries were also taken over by Iraqis as well.

Operation Desert Storm


After seven months of occupation, the United Nations launched a US led coalition to enter Kuwait to free it from Iraq.