Jakten på Billie Jo

television series

Jakten på Billie Jo was a Swedish reality program. It was first broadcast on August 4, 2000. It was broadcast by the station TV4. The program followed three American actresses who auditioned for the role as "Billie Jo" in the Swedish soap opera Nya tider.

The winner was Alexandra Sapot. The winner was chosen by Swedish viewers' televotes and the production company Jarowskij.


  • Tanya Gingerich is an actress from Tarrytown, New York. She also played parts in series like Hamlet and Shame No More.
  • Melissa Hanson is an actress born in Honolulu,Hawaii. She also played parts in series like Grace Under Fire and Who shot Patakango?.
  • Hope Harris is an American actress from Virginia. She also played roles in series like The Sullivan sisters,Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story and Angel in Training.
  • Alexandra Sapot is an actress and executive assistant on series like Entourage, and Now and Again.

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