Jude the Apostle

one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus; traditionally identified with Jude the brother of Jesus

Saint Jude the Apostle was a brother of Jesus. He was also called Jude of James and Jude Thaddeus. He is the patron saint of Armenia, along with Saint Bartholemew. He is also the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.

Jude the Apostle
A painting called Saint Jude Thaddeus by Georges de La Tour. c. 1615-1620
Born1st century AD
Galilee, Palestine
Died1st century AD
Beirut, Lebanon
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches, Eastern Catholic Churches, Coptic Church, Anglican Communion
Major shrineSaint Peter's Basilica, Rome, Rheims, Toulouse, France
FeastOctober 28 (Western Christianity)
June 19 (Eastern Christianity)
AttributesAxe, club, boat, oar, medallion
PatronageArmenia, lost causes, desperate situations, hospitals, St. Petersburg, Florida, Cotta Lucena City Quezon, the Chicago Police Department, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

St. Jude was martyred (killed for his beliefs) with another apostle, Simon the Zealot in Beirut, Lebanon, around AD 66 by an axe. [1] In the Roman Catholic church, Jude and Simon's feast day is celebrated on 29 October.


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