Japanese era from 964 to 968

Kōhō (康保) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Ōwa and before Anna. This period started in July 964 and ended in August 968.[1] The reigning emperors were Murakami-tennō (村上天皇) and Reizei-tennō (冷泉天皇).[2]

Events of the Kōhō era change

  • 964 (Kōhō 1, 4th month): The Empress Fujiwara no Ansi died. Soon after, the empress' younger sister and the emperor's older brother died. In his grief, the emperor neglected his duty to care for the government.[3]
  • 965 (Kōhō 2, 12th month): The emperor celebrated his 40th birthday.[3]
  • 5 July 967 (Kōhō 4, 25th of the 5th month): Emperor Murakami died at age 42.[4]

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