Kerbal Space Program

2015 sandbox-style space flight simulator game

Kerbal Space Program (abbreviated as KSP) is a 3D space flight simulator video game. It is developed by a Mexican company called Squad. It is based on real life physics and technology. The characters in the game are aliens called “Kerbals” who are astronauts. They live in a fictional solar system loosely based on our own. It has one star and seven planets as well as various moons. The player starts on the Earth-like planet Kerbin and can send probes and Kerbals to other planets and moons. Players can also build technology like satellites, rovers, space stations and aircraft. The game has both a sandbox mode with unlimited resources and money, and a more realistic mode where funds and material are limited. KSP is available for PlayStation, Xbox and Microsoft Windows platforms. The soundtrack is made up of freely licensed tracks by Kevin Macleod.

Kerbal Space Program
kerbal space program logo on the soundtrack album
Genre(s)Astrophysics Simulation
System(s)PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PC
The star system in KSP. From center: the Sun, Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Dres, Jool, and Eeloo.