Korean Empire

state of Korea from October 1897 to August 29, 1910

The Korean Empire (Daehan Jeguk, Hangul: 대한제국; Hanja: 大韓帝國) was established in 1897 and lasted between until 1910. It was the last time Korea was unified and independent. The empire was established when King Gojong declared himself “Emperor” of Korea  .[1] After the First Sino-Japanese War, Korea was no longer a Chinese tributary state. In 1907 Korea became a Japanese protectorate, then was annexed in 1910 by Japan as the province of Josean.[1] Korea became a Japanese colony until 1945. Then after the Korean War it split.

Korean Empire
Daehan Jeguk

대한제국 (Hangul)

大韓帝國 (Hanja)
Flag of Korean Empire
Imperial Seal of Korean Empire
Imperial Seal
Motto: 광명천지


"Let the land be enlightened"
Anthem: 대한제국 애국가

"Patriotic Hymn of the Great Korean Empire"

Location of Korean Empire
• Gojong became an emperor
• Protectorate of Japan
• Full annexation
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part ofNorth Korea, South Korea





After First Sino-Japanese War, the Russia Empire and Japanese Empire fought for the control of Korea Peninsula. Eventually, the Russo-Japanese War occured. The Russia Empire was defeated by the Japanese Empire that was supported by British Empire. Then, the Korea Empire's Neutrality was threaten by the Japanese Empire.[2] At the Russo-Japanese War, the British Empire and the United States viewed on Korea's peace was not important more than the Russia's expansion.[3] In addition, the international views on a Korea Penisula was changed. The Japanese Empire's forces got stronger as the time pass. Korea's unequal treaties were hidden and ignored.[4][5]


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