Kruševo Brdo

village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kruševo Brdo is a village in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It belongs to the Municipality of Kotor Varoš. It is divided into Krševo Brdo I and II for administration.

This village is located at the beginning of the valley of the Vrbanja river. It is on the northeastern slopes of the Vlašić mountain. It is 8 kilometres (5.0 miles) km to Šiprage and 38 kilometres (24 miles) to Kotor-Varoš. The valley spreads along the Vrbanja river to its estuary in Vrbas (Banja Luka).[1][2][3] The Ilomska river is north of Kruševo Brdo.[4] All local roads descend into this place.

During the Bosnian War (1992–95), Bosnian Serb Police and Army forces destroyed Bosniaks's villages downstream along the Vrbanja from Kruševo Brdo, via Šiprage, and Kotor Varoš to Banja Luka.[5] After 1996, most of the Bosniak's villages were partly restored thanks to the Luxembourgish government.[6][7][8]


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