Larinus planus

species of beetle

Larinus planus is a weevil, an insect of the Curculionidae family.[1][2] It is native to Europe, and is also common in North America. Both the larvae and adults feed on flower buds, mostly of thistles. They are oval shaped, dark brown or black, and about 5-10 millimeters long.[3]

Larinus planus
Larinus planus01.jpg
Scientific classification
L. planus
Binomial name
Larinus planus
(Fabricius, 1792)

The larvae stage does the most damage to the flower bud. In North America it has been used as a biocontrol agent.[4]

Larinus planus has been used to control the Canada thistle. It has spread to other plants. In 2000, it was found eating Cirsium undulatum.[5] This is a thistle native to western Colorado and eastern Utah. Later research found that it had reduced the amount of seeds produced by the native thistle. It has also been found to have a bad effect on Cirsium pitcheri.[6]

It is normal for introduced species to spread rapidly because they are free of the parasites and predators of their native land.


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