List of soccer clubs in the United States

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This is a list of soccer clubs in the United States.

Major League Soccer change

USL Championship change

Eastern Conference
Western Conference
On hiatus
  • OKC Energy FC – plans to resume play in 2023
  • Fort Worth – last played in 2021 as Austin Bold FC; relocated to Fort Worth and plans to resume play in 2024
Future teams
  • Queensboro FC – plans to start play in 2023
  • Buffalo – plans to start play in 2023
  • Rhode Island FC – plans to start play in 2023
  • Des Moines – plans to start play in 2024

USL League One change

One of three leagues that forms the current third level.

Future teams
  • Fort Wayne FC – plans to start play in 2023
  • Lexington SC – plans to start play in 2023
  • Spokane – plans to start play in 2023

National Independent Soccer Association change

  • AC Syracuse Pulse
  • Albion San Diego
  • Bay Cities FC
  • California United Strikers FC
  • Chattanooga FC
  • Flower City Union
  • Los Angeles Force
  • Maryland Bobcats
  • Michigan Stars FC
  • Valley United FC

MLS Next Pro change

Formed in 2021, starting play in 2022, as a dedicated MLS developmental league also at the third level. Of the 21 teams in the first season, only Rochester New York FC is not owned and operated by an MLS team.

Eastern Conference
Western Conference

USL League Two change

Structure of women's soccer change

The professional division of U.S. Soccer has had three different first-division women's leagues. The first, the Women's United Soccer Association (WUSA), was founded in 2001, but folded due to large debts after the 2003 season. The second, Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), was effectively a successor to WUSA, although it did not begin until 2009. Like WUSA before it, WPS played three seasons, but also lost large amounts of money; it first decided not to play its planned 2012 season, and then completely folded in May of that year.

After WPS folded, the effective top level of women's soccer in the U.S. was WPSL Elite, a "semi-pro" league that had both professional and amateur teams. WPSL Elite was created by the Women's Premier Soccer League, one of two second-division women's leagues, as an outlet for former WPS teams, as well as WPSL teams that wanted to play professionally. WPSL Elite played in 2012 with eight teams; six were professional, and three once played in WPS. The other second-division league was the W-League, part of the United Soccer Leagues. WPSL Elite was planned as a temporary league before a possible return of WPS.

In late 2012, a totally new top-level league was created, known as the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). It was run by U.S. Soccer until 2020, and started play in 2013 with eight teams, four of which had been members of WPS. The league added teams in 2014 and 2016 to become a 10-team league, making it the first professional women's league in the U.S. to have more than eight teams and last more than three seasons. The league dropped to 9 teams in 2017, but returned to 10 in 2021 and further expanded to 12 for 2022.

Women's United Soccer Association change

Operated from 2001 to 2003.

Women's Professional Soccer change

Operated from 2009 to 2011.

WPSL Elite change

National Women's Soccer League change

Currently Operating

W-League change

Professional indoor soccer change

Indoor soccer is a form of soccer played inside a building, sometimes called an arena, instead of in a stadium on a grass field. There is one league playing indoor soccer in North America, and that is the Major Arena Soccer League. The MASL is part of the USSF. It is also the only league in the United States to have a Mexican team.

Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) change

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