London, Ontario

city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario is a large city halfway between Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, Canada. The city had 422,324 people in it in 2021.

London skyline
John Labatt Centre at night



The city had 3,500 people in it in 1846. It had buildings including a jail and court house.



Byron and Masonville, joined London in 1961 adding 60,000 people and almost doubling its area. After this, growth sped up as London grew in all directions.

On 1 January 1993, London nearly doubled in size again because other towns joined it.

Holy Roller in Victoria Park

London has a lot of parks. Victoria Park in downtown London has many events. Some other major parks are Harris Park, Gibbons Park, Fanshawe Conservation Area, Springbank Park, White Oaks Park and Westminster Ponds.

Government and law


London's local government is divided among fourteen councillors and the mayor. Josh Morgan was elected mayor in the 2022 election.

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