Míkmaq language

Eastern Algonquian language spoken by nearly 11,000 Mi'kmaq in Canada and the United States

The Mi'kmaq language (also spelled Míkmaq, Mi'gmaq, Mi'qmac, or priorly Micmac) is an Eastern Algonquian language spoken by nearly 9,000 Míkmaq in Canada, and another 1,200 in United States, out of a total ethnic Míkmaq population of roughly 40,000. The word Míkmaq is a plural word meaning 'my friends' (singular Míkm[2]); the adjectival form is Míkmaw.[3] The language's native name is Míkmawísimk [4] or Míkmwei[2] (in some dialects).

Native toCanada, United States
RegionNova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Gaspé Peninsula, the island of Newfoundland, northern Maine, Boston, Massachusetts
Ethnicity14,200 Mi'kmaq (1998)[1]
Native speakers
8,300 (2010 & 2011 censuses)[1]
Official status
Recognised minority
language in
Language codes
ISO 639-2mic
ISO 639-3mic
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Writing system


Míkmaq is written with letters of the Roman alphabet. This writing system was created by missionaries in the 19th century. Before, the language was written in Míkmaq hieroglyphic writing, a script of partially-native origin.


IPA a a: e e: i i: ə dʒ/tʃ g/k l m n o o: b/p x s d/t u u: w j
Francis-Smith a á e é i í ɨ j k l m n o ó p q s t u ú w y
Listuguj a a' e e' i i' ' j g l m n o o' p q s t u u' w y
Lexicon a a: e e: i i: ɨ j k l m n o o: p q s t u u: w y
Pacifique a e i tj g l m n ô p s t o
Rand ă a â ĕ ā ĭ e ŭ ch c k l m n ŏ o ō b h s d t ŏŏ oo u w y


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