Matanzas Province

province of Cuba
Capital: Matanzas
Area: 11,802.72km²
Inhabitants: 675,980 (2004)
Population Density: 57.27 per km²
Escudo de la Provincia Matanzas.png

Matanzas is one of the provinces of Cuba.


Major townsEdit

Major towns in the province include Cárdenas, Jovellanos and the capital of the same name, Matanzas. The resort town of Varadero is also located in this province.

Geographical location and appearanceEdit

The second largest in Cuba, Matanzas province is largely flat, with its highest point (Pan de Matanzas) at only 380m above sea level.

The north coast has numerous small cays of its coast, and scrubland and mangroves near the shoreline.

The southern coast has one of Cuba's most distinctive features: an enormous marsh, Ciénaga de Zapata that covers both the southern part of the province and the peninsula of the same name. East of the peninsula lies the Bay of Pigs, the site of the failed US backed invasion.


Of Cuba's provinces, Matanzas is one of the most industrialised, with petroleum wells, refineries, supertanker facilities, and 21 sugar mills to process the harvests of the fields of sugarcane in the province.


  1. Agramonte
  2. Alacranes
  3. Arcos de Canasí
  4. Bolondrón
  5. Cárdenas
  6. Carlos Rojas
  7. Colón
  8. Guamacaro
  9. Jagüey Grande
  10. Jovellanos
  11. Juan Gualberto Gómez
  12. Los Arabos
  13. Manguito
  14. Martí
  15. Matanzas
  16. Máximo Gómez
  17. Pedro Betancourt
  18. Perico
  19. San Antonio de Cabezas
  20. San José de los Ramos
  21. Santa Ana (Cidra)
  22. Unión de Reyes
  23. Varadero


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