Mechi Zone

former administrative zone of Nepal

Mechi (Nepali: मेची अञ्चल), was one of the fourteen zones of Nepal and one of the four zones of Eastern Development Region. It was the easternmost zone of Nepal, with its headquarters at Ilam.

Mechi Zone
Coordinates: 27°10′N 87°55′E / 27.167°N 87.917°E / 27.167; 87.917
Country   Nepal
 • Total8,196 km2 (3,164 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)



The Mechi Zone had Sikkim and West Bengal (India) to the east, Bihar (India) to the south, the Koshi Zone to the west and the Tibet Autonomous Region (People's Republic of China) to the north.

It was the smallest zone of the Eastern Development Region with an area of 8,196 square kilometres (3,164 square miles) and a population of only 1,422,182 people living there in 2011.[1] Its population density is 173.5 persons/km2.

The most important river in the Mechi Zone is the Mechi, tributary of the Mahananda River. Another river is the Tamar River.

In the northern part of the zone, mainly in the Taplejung district that is in the eastern Himalayas, there are several high mountains. The highest is Kanchenjunga (Nepali: कञ्चनजङ्घा Kanchanjaŋghā) that, with 8,586 metres (28,169 feet) high, is the third highest mountain of the world; it is on the border with Sikkim and in the Kanchanjungha Conservation Area.

Districts of the Mechi Zone.

Administrative subdivisions


The zone had 4 Districts and 190 Village Development Committees/Municipalities (VDC - the smallest administrative units):

Zone Nepali name Population[2]
Pop. density
Ilam इलाम 290,254 1,703 170.4 49
Jhapa झापा 812,650 1,606 506.0 50
Panchthar पाँचथर 191,817 1,241 154.6 41
Taplejung ताप्लेजुङ 127,461 3,646 35.0 50
Total 1,422,182 8,196 173.5 190

Main VDCs and municipalities


The VDCs and municipalities with more inhabitants are found in the Jhapa district, mainly the municipalities of Damak (75,102) and Mechinagar (57,545); others in the same district are Anarmani (42,712), Surunga (27,470) and Satasidham (26,171).

In the Ilam district, the main VDCs and municipalities are the municipality of Ilam (18,633), Chulachuli (17,324), Danabari (14,302), Phikal Bazar (11,264).

In the Panchthar district, the only important VCS is Phidim (17,399), and in the Taplejung district is Phungling (14,974).[3]



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