citizens or residents of Mexico

Mexicans are citizens of Mexico.[2]

Total population
c. 137.2 million
Regions with significant populations
 United States37,186,361
Spanish, numerous indigenous languages
Roman Catholicism, indigenous beliefs

There is a large Mexican diaspora in the United States. More than 38.5 million Mexican Americans and Mexican-born immigrants live in the United States.[3] There is also a significant Mexican diaspora in Canada, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Bolivia, Argentina, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Costa Rica.[4]

Most Mexicans are racially mestizo, a mixture of Spanish and Native American.[5]

Mexicans of European descent, including those who immigrated during the 20th century, are concentrated in Mexico City, and in the West. Mexicans of European descent and other lighter-skinned Mexicans dominate the wealthiest echelons of Mexican society.[6] Most white Mexicans are of Spanish ancestry.

Mexico has the largest indigenous population in Latin America.[7] 1.38 million Mexicans are Afro-Mexicans. The majority of Afro-Mexicans live in Veracruz and the Costa Chica region. Afro-Mexicans were brought to Mexico as slaves from Africa during the Spanish colonial era.[8]

Culture Edit

Mexican culture is mainly influenced by Spanish and Amerindian cultures. Mexico is famous for it’s Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is influenced by Spanish cuisine and indigenous cuisine. The indigenous people of Mexico have introduced vanilla, corn, chocolate, avocado and other important crops to the world. Mexico is also known for its tequila. Day of the Dead is a holiday observed by Mexicans. The most practiced religion by Mexicans is Christianity.[9]

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