Narayani Zone

former administrative zone of Nepal

Narayani (Nepali: नारायणी अञ्चलaudio speaker iconListen ) is one of the fourteen zones of Nepal, in the central south of the country.[1] It is named after the Narayani River on the western border of the zone.[2]

नारायणी अञ्चल
Narayani districts.png
Coordinates: 27°25′N 85°00′E / 27.417°N 85.000°E / 27.417; 85.000Coordinates: 27°25′N 85°00′E / 27.417°N 85.000°E / 27.417; 85.000
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)


Narayani river in Chitwan

Narayani occupies parts of the Terai, Inner Terai, and Hill regions of Nepal, but it doesn't cover any of the Mountain or Himalayan region. Narayani is rich in flora and fauna. Narayani River and Rapti River are the main rivers of Narayani zone. Bisharari and Garuda laked are some of the few lakes in Narayani.

Narayani is divided into five districts:

District Type Headquarters
Bara District Outer Terai Kalaiya
Chitwan District Inner Terai Bharatpur
Makwanpur District Inner Terai Hetauda
Parsa District Outer Terai Birganj
Rautahat District Outer Terai Gaur


Narayani is the third largest industrial area of the country.

Important cities and townsEdit

Some important cities and towns are Birganj, Parwanipur, Jitpur, Alau, Hetauda, Bharatpur, Narayanghat, Kalaiya, and Gaur.

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