National Bank of Romania

central bank of Romania

The National Bank of Romania (Romanian: Banca Naţională a României, BNR) is the central bank of Romania. It started in April 1880. It is in the capital city, Bucharest. The bank's first governor was Eugeniu Carada.

The Headquarters of the National Bank of Romania in the 1920s (Lipscani Street)



In 1916, the Central Powers invaded Romania. All valuable objects of the National Bank of Romania and the Romanian Treasure were sent to Moscow for safekeeping. They were never returned.[source?]


On July 28, 1959, an armed group of six members of the Romanian Communist Party stole from an armored car of the National Bank of Romania 1,600,000 lei (about US$250,000 at 1959 prices).


The main tasks of the National Bank of Romania are:

  1. to control the supply of money and its exchange with other currencies
  2. to control banks and make sure the economy is stable
  3. to make money
  4. to control how much money goes in and out of Romania

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