Nelumbo indica

species of plant

Nelumbo Indica, or Nelumbo speciosa, (Urdu:کنول/Sindhi:مقدس ٿورا گل/Punjabi:کنول) also known as Indus Valley lotus, Sindhu lotus, Sindhi lotus, Bean of Pakistan, Pakistani bean or simply Asiatic white lotus, is one of two extant Asian species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae. Is a blossom indigenous in the Indus delta of the lower Indus ecoregion, Arabian Sea, Pakistan. It has a very wide native distribution, ranging from eastern, central and northern Pakistan (at altitudes up to 1,400 m or 4,600 ft in the Western Himalayas through southern plains of the Punjab and Sindh, it is also the "Provincial flower of Sindh" respectively.

Sacred White Sindhi Lotus