New Sweden

former Swedish possession in North America between 1638–1655

New Sweden (Swedish: Nya Sverige, Finnish: Uusi-Ruotsi) was a Swedish colony in North America that existed from 1638 through 1655.[1] It was in the modern day states of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Its capital was Fort Christina, modern-day Wilmington.

New Sweden
Nya Sverige
Flag of New Sweden
Map of New Sweden ca. 1650 by Amandus Johnson
Map of New Sweden ca. 1650
by Amandus Johnson
StatusSwedish colony
CapitalFort Christina
Common languagesSwedish, Finnish
King/Queen of Sweden 
• 1632–1654
• 1654–1660
Charles X Gustav
• 1638
Peter Minuit
• 1638–1640
Måns Nilsson Kling
• 1640–1643
Peter Hollander Ridder
• 1643–1653
Johan Björnsson Printz
• 1653–1654
Johan Papegoja
• 1654–1655
Johan Risingh
Historical eraColonial period
• Established
CurrencySwedish riksdaler
Preceded by
Succeeded by
New Netherland
New Netherland
Today part of United States

New Sweden was captured by the Dutch in 1655, and incorporated into New Netherland.

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