Norwegian Crusade

Crusade from Norway to Palestine (1107 – 1111)

The Norwegian Crusade was one of several religious wars in which European countries fought against Muslims in Turkey and the Middle East. The First Crusade was 1095-1099. The Norwegian Crusade was next, from 1107 to 1110. King Sigurd I led the crusade.[2] Sigurd was the first European king to go on crusade to the Holy Land. He did not lose any battles. The Norwegian crusade seems to have been similar to earlier Viking raids.[1]

Norwegian Crusade
Magnussonnenes saga 2 - G. Munthe.jpg
King Sigurd sails from the country by Gerhard Munthe.
Result Norwegians won some short battles and crusaders gained control over some land
Lordship of Sidon created

Christendom: Royal Standard of Norway.svg Kingdom of Norway
Armoiries de Jérusalem.svg Kingdom of Jerusalem

 Republic of Venice

Saracens: Flag of Morocco (1147-1269).svg Almoravids


Rectangular green flag.svg Fatimid Caliphate
Commanders and leaders

Royal Standard of Norway.svg Sigurd I of Norway
Armoiries de Jérusalem.svg Baldwin I of Jerusalem

Republic of Venice Ordelafo Faliero
~ 5,000 men, 60 galleys[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Two towns may have been destroyed in Iberia. Many people killed in other places.


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