Iberian Peninsula

peninsula located in the extreme southwest of Europe

The Iberian Peninsula, or Iberia, is the southwest part of Europe. Like other peninsulas, it is mostly surrounded by sea. To the south and east of the peninsula is the Mediterranean Sea. To its north and west is the Atlantic Ocean. It is the third largest peninsula of Europe with an area of 582,860 km². The name Iberia is the Ancient Greek name for the area which the Romans called "Hispania". The word "Hispania" is now used for Spain, and the word "Iberia" is used for the whole area.

Satellite view of the Iberian peninsula

The word Iberia was also used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans for another territory at the opposite side of Europe, Caucasian Iberia, which is near the Black Sea.

Countries & territories change

The Iberian Peninsula is divided into: