Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Holy Roman Emperor

Otto IV (1175 – 19 May 1218) was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1209 until his death in 1218.

Gothic tomb of Henry the Lion, and Mathilde. Tomb of Otto IV of Brunswick in front.

Early life


A member of the Welf dynasty, Otto was a son of Henry the Lion of Brunswick and Matilda, daughter of Henry II of England. Brought up at the court of his uncle Richard I of England, Otto was made earl of York in 1190



Otto was related to every other King of Germany. He married twice:

1209 or 1212 to Beatrice of Swabia, daughter of the German King Philip of Swabia and Irene Angelina.19 May 1214,

in Aachen to Maria of Brabant, daughter of Henry I, Duke of Brabant, and Matilda of Boulogne.

Neither marriage produced any children.