Ottoman Turkey

Turkic ethnic group who founded the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman dynasty rule of the Turkey lasted from 1299 to 1922. The Ottoman Turks, were the Turkic founding and most populated ethnic group of the Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman Turkey
Türkiye  (Turkish)
Flag of Ottoman Turkey
Location of Ottoman Turkey
Common languagesOttoman Turkish
Sunni Islam
Today part ofTurkey

Ottomans take their dynastic name, Osmanli from the house of Osman I. He reigned about 1299–1326. He was the founder of the House of Osman. This was the ruling dynasty of the Ottoman Empire for its 624 years.

The Ottoman principality included other Turkish-speaking Muslims and non-Turkish Christians. Turks had advantages over non-Turks on issues like taxation, voting and legal rights.

The Ottomans invaded Europe in the 1350s. They dominated the Mediterranean Sea. In 1453, they invaded Constantinople (the capital city of the Byzantine Empire). The Turks blocked all major land routes between Asia and Europe. West Europeans had to find other ways to trade with the East.