Our (river)

river in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg
Coordinates: 49°52′30″N 6°17′12″E / 49.87500°N 6.28667°E / 49.87500; 6.28667

The Our (pronunciation [u:r]) is a river in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It is a left-hand tributary of the Sauer river, and so it is part of the drainage basin of the Rhine river.

The Our in Luxembourg
The Our flowing through the Ardennes in Luxembourg
Countries  Belgium,  Luxembourg,  Germany
 - left Ihrenbach, Irsen
 - right Braunlauf
City Vianden
Source Eichelsberg
 - location Büllingen, Liège, Belgium
 - elevation 643 m (2,110 ft)
 - coordinates 50°22′38″N 6°20′45″E / 50.37722°N 6.34583°E / 50.37722; 6.34583
Mouth Sauer
 - location Wallendorf, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
 - elevation 177 m (581 ft)
 - coordinates 49°52′30″N 6°17′12″E / 49.87500°N 6.28667°E / 49.87500; 6.28667
Length 78 km (48 mi)
Basin 187 km² (72 sq mi)
 - average 9.38 /s (331 cu ft/s)
The Our river (in blue)
The Our river (in blue)
Wikimedia Commons: Our River


The Our river has a length of 78 kilometres (48 miles). Of that length, 52.1 kilometres (32.4 miles) are in Luxemboug[1] Its drainage basin has an area of 187 square kilometres (72 square miles).

The source of the Our is in southeastern Belgium. It is near Manderfeld in the Büllingen municipality,  Liège province. It is at an altitude of about 643 metres (2,110 feet).

The river flows southwards, more or less along the German-Belgian  border and, after Ouren, along the German-Luxembourg border. The historic town of Vianden lies on the Our.

The Our joins, as a left tributary, the Sauer river in Wallendorf in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, at about 177 metres (581 feet) of altitude.

North of Viande, the river is blocked by the Our Dam.

Main tributariesEdit

The tributaries of the Our river with length over 5 km are:

  • Left tributaries
    • Auw - 5.9 km
    • Ihrenbach - 15.9 km
    • Irsen - 35.5 km
    •  Teggelbach - 5.0 km
  • Right tributaries
    •  Medenderbach - 7.5 km
    •  Kolvenderbach -8.7 km
    •  Weberbach - 6.1 km
    •  Braunlauf - 17.8 km
    • Ulf - 17.8 km


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