capital of the province of Padua, Veneto, Italy

Padua (Italian: Padova) is an Italian city near Venice. It has about 210,000 people.

S. Antony's cathedral
S. Giustina's cathedral
coat of arms

An old myth says that Padua was founded by the Trojan Antenore. There was a settlement since the 4th century before Christ. It got under Roman power in 215 B.C. In 426 A.D. Padua became destroyed by Attila. Narses reconstructed the city, but the Langobardes destroyed it a second time. Charles, the Great got Padua in 774 under power of the Francs, later the city joined the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation.

After struggles with Frederic Barbarossa it declared peace in 1177. In 1222 the second university of Italy was founded in Padua. The Gulfs got Padua in 1256, later the Republic of Venice got control about the city until Napoleon Bonaparte got it.

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