municipality in Paraná, Brazil

Paiçandu is a city in the state of Paraná in the south of Brazil. Paiçandu was founded in 1948.

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During 1938 and 1940 the area of ​​land where is the County Paiçandu was inhabited by Native Americans and caboclos. There was a small cemetery that was the point of reference in the dense virgin forest, where were buried those who died at that time.

In the period 1942–1944, the first explorers of Minas Gerais and São Paulo were attracted by the fertility of the land. It was suitable for growing coffee. At the time the land was cleared, coffee was the largest source of wealth in the region. Facing all sorts of difficulties, farmers built their small farms and formed their crops.

The prospects for progress attract residents from different parts of the country. Trade prospered dramatically with the installation of warehouses and general merchandise. The good quality land started the first agricultural productions, especially the coffee culture.

Its name is a honor to the Brazilian Army. In the Uruguayan War, the army conquered the Uruguayan city of Paysandú.


  • Area: 171,604 km²
  • Altitude: 550,00 m
  • Distance from Curitiba, the state capital: 449 km
  • Distance from Paranaguá, Paraná's primary seaport: 540 km
  • Distance from Maringá, site of the nearest major airport: 7 km


Participation in the Municipal GIP
  • Agriculture: 8.72%
  • Industry: 38.92%
  • Services: 52.35%
  • GDP: U.S. $ 39,784,126.08%
  • GDP per capita: U.S. $ 1,651.07%
  • Economically Active Population: 14597.00 hab.

23°27′20″S 52°2′30″W / 23.45556°S 52.04167°W / -23.45556; -52.04167