Pamir Mountains

mountain range in Central Asia

The Pamir Mountains are a range of mountains between South-central Asia. They are located at a junction with other notable mountains, namely the Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, Hindu Kush and the Himalaya mountain ranges. They are among the world's highest mountains. Much of the Pamir Mountains lie in the Gorno-Badakhshan Province of Tajikistan.[1] To the south, they border the Hindu Kush mountains along Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor in Badakhshan Province, Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

Pamir Mountains
Pamir Mountains
Highest point
PeakKongur Tagh
Elevation7,649 m (25,095 ft)
Coordinates38°35′39″N 75°18′48″E / 38.59417°N 75.31333°E / 38.59417; 75.31333
CountriesTajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, China[A] and Pakistan
States/ProvincesGorno-Badakhshan, Osh Region, Wakhan, Chitral & Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan and Xinjiang[B]
Range coordinates38°30′N 73°30′E / 38.5°N 73.5°E / 38.5; 73.5

Since Victorian times, they have been known as the "Roof of the World", presumably a translation from Persian.[2]

  1. See also One China and the political status of Taiwan.
  2. Also claimed by the Republic of China on Taiwan as part of Sinkiang Province.


  1. According to the Big Soviet Encyclopedia "The question of the natural boundaries of Pamir is debatable. Normally Pamir is regarded as covering the territory from Trans-Alay Range to the north, Sarykol Range to the east, Lake Zorkul, Pamir River, and the upper reaches of Panj River to the south, and the meridional section of the Panj valley to the west; to the north-west Pamir includes the eastern parts of Peter the Great and Darvaz ranges."
  2. Bliss, Frank (2002-06-01). Social and Economic Change in the Pamirs (Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan): Translated from German by Nicola Pacult and Sonia Guss with support of Tim Sharp. Taylor & Francis. pp. 13–14. ISBN 978-0-203-40531-4. Pamir = a Persian compilation of pay-I-mehr, the "roof of the world".