Paris, France (movie)

1994 film directed by Jerry Ciccoritti

Paris, France is a 1994[1] Canadian comedy and drama movie. It was set and filmed in Toronto, Ontario. The movie began showing in the United States in February 1995.[2]

Plot change

A novelist and publisher named Lucy, her husband Michael, and business partner William are the owners of a small Toronto publishing company. The stability of their lives is thrown into an emotional storm when a former boxer turned writer named Sloan arrives. His first book is about to be published by the company.

Sloan gets in over his head when he goes into a steamy affair with the sexually attracted and frustrated Lucy. Lucy wants to recreate her S&M filled days in Paris, France gone by. Lucy has writer's block, which she wonders whether a weekend of sexual passion can cure.

Sloan, who is bisexual, has an affair with the openly gay William. That leads to sexual confusion for the writer.

Cast change

Rating change

Paris, France is rated NC-17 because of explicit sexual content and foul language.[3]

Reception change

Paris, France has a 73% rating from the Rotten Tomatoes.[4] Variety called the movie "silly"[5]

Awards change

The film was nominated for two Genie Awards:[6]

  • Best Achievement in Cinematography: Barry Stone
  • Best Achievement in Film Editing: Roushell Goldstein

Reference change

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