Parthian language


The Parthian language is an old Iranian language. It has been spoken in the northeast of Iran, in the region called Parthia. The main time of this language was about 248 B.C. until 224 A.D. That was during the Parthian Empire. Parthian is an Indo-European language.

Arsacid Pahlavi
Native toParthian Empire (incl. Arsacid dynasty of Armenia, Arsacid dynasty of Iberia and Arsacid Dynasty of Caucasian Albania)
RegionParthia, ancient Iran
EraState language 248 BC – 224 AD. Marginalized by Middle Persian from the 3rd century, though longer existent in the Caucasus due to several eponymous branches
Inscriptional Parthian, Manichaean alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3xpr

At the time of Sassanid Empire, the Parthian language was destroyed. Middle Persian replaced it.

There are many words in Armenian that came from Parthian.[1]

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