region in Eurasia bordered on the south by Iran, on the southwest by Turkey, on the west by the Black Sea, on the east by the Caspian Sea, and on the north by Russia

The Caucasus or Caucasia is a region spanning Europe and Asia bordered on the north by Russia, on the east by the Caspian Sea, on the south by Iran, on the southwest by Turkey, and on the west by the Black Sea. Caucasia includes the Caucasus Mountains and surrounding lowlands.

Map of Caucasus Countries

The Caucasus Mountains are commonly recognised as a natural border between Asia and Europe. Countries in the Caucasus are considered to be in one or both continents, with Armenia and Azerbaijan considered transcontinental, and Georgia largely considered European. The northern portion of the Caucasus is known as the Ciscaucasus and the southern portion as the Transcaucasus. The highest peak in the Caucasus is Mount Elbrus (5,642 m) which, in the western Ciscaucasus in Russia, is generally considered the highest point in Europe.

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The Biblical Mount Ararat where Noah's Ark landed is known as the landmark of the ancient Armenian realm. The peak of Ararat is seasonally capped with snow. In Greek mythology, the Caucasus or Kaukasos was one of the pillars supporting the world. Prometheus was chained there by Zeus. The Roman poet Ovid placed Caucasus in Scythia and said it was a cold and stony mountain which was the abode of personified hunger.

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