Pest control

group of methods to control some species that are harmful to health, economy or ecology

Pest control is group of methods to control some species of animals and plants that are considered by humans as harmful to their health, economy or ecology.[1]

A crop duster applies pesticide Western corn rootworm

Pest control is as old as agriculture, as there has always been a need to keep crops free from pests. In order to get best results from food production there was always need to protect crops from competing plants trying to kill the crops to grow in its place.[2]

Managing or controlling pests can be done with a number of methods. Killing them is often done (using the services of an exterminator or doing it yourself), but there are methods of humane pest control available too. These include using sound to deter or repel pests and making changes around the property to prevent pests from entering.

Insects and wildlife enter buildings primarily to seek food, shelter, and warmth.[3] The areas typically affected are the attic, the basement, and the roof. Homeowners can do some things to help ensure we don't provide an environment that's attractive to pests.

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