Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit

2002 video game

Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit is a tridimensional platform video game developed by Wanadoo. It was released for PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance on November 22, 2002.

Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit
Developer(s)Etranges Libellules (PlayStation/Windows)
Super Empire (Game Boy Advance)
Publisher(s)Dreamcatcher Interactive
SeriesPink Panther
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
  • EU: November 29, 2002
  • NA: January 4, 2003
  • JP: February 27, 2003 (PlayStation)

Plot change

The Pink Panther receives a letter from his uncle, which tells him that he must get home. Along the way, the Pink Panther remembers that her uncle was like a hero to hers, but she also thought that he had died since he was eaten by a big blue dinosaur. Then, the player (who plays the role of the Panther) has to go through the Panther's uncle's entire house, which is made up of twelve levels, until he reaches the attic where a treasure inherited from the panther's uncle is hidden. panther. Each level is made up of a large scenario (which is based on one of the Panther's uncle's trips) which consists of the panther having to steal objects from an individual. This individual gets angry and chases the panther until he can win by giving said object to another, so that this allows him to enter other parts of a level, so that finally the Panther manages to steal the key to the stage that will help him pass from one level to another. level. In addition, the game has special levels where the Pink Panther has to skate and avoid obstacles along the way to win the level. Other minor levels consist of the Pink Panther must defeat a boss through the use of explosives. In the final level, the Pink Panther has to face an antagonistic, animated version of Inspector Clouseau. After defeating him, it is discovered that the Panther's uncle was not dead and he wanted the Panther to recover the treasure and then escape with it. However, the Pink Panther was confused and upset by the situation, so she chased her uncle around the city.

Characters change

  • Pink Panther: The main character of the game, he was based on the cartoon of the same name. His mission is to recover the treasure of the house that his uncle inherited from him.
  • Uncle of the Pink Panther: Similar to his nephew, the only difference is that he wears an explorer suit and goggles. In the beginning of the game he was believed to be dead.
  • Carnivorous Plant: First boss in the game. It is an eight-meter-tall plant that feeds on meat, ironically the plant loves pink flesh.
  • Dinosaur: Second boss of the game. It is based on an animated short of The Pink Panther, it is very gluttonous, so it feeds on large amounts of bones.
  • Inspector Clouseau: Antagonist, he is the final boss of the game. He is usually temperamental and wears a black suit similar to that of the Gangsters.

Gameplay change

The levels in the game are based from the following classic The Pink Panther cartoons:

  • EP. 72: Pink Aye (The Luxitania)
  • EP. 32: Pinto Pink (The Railway Line)
  • EP. 51: Tickled Pink (The Railway Line, The Ice Rink & The Construction Site, Part 2)
  • EP. 18: The Pink Blueprint (The Construction Site, Part 1)
  • EP. 34: Prefabricated Pink (The Construction Site, Part 1)
  • EP. 52: Pink Sphinx (Egypt)
  • EP. 62: Extinct Pink (The Stone Age & The Dinosaur)
  • EP. 59: Slink Pink (Level Select & The Ice Rink)
  • EP. 78: Pink Plasma (Dracula's Castle)
  • EP. 64: Pink Blue Plate (The Construction Site, Part 2)
  • EP. 43: Lucky Pink (The Gangster's Lair)
  • EP. 07: Pinkfinger (The Gangster's Lair & The Attic)

Levels change

  • The Luxitania (1 key needed)
  • The Railway Line (1 key needed)
  • The Construction Site, Part 1 (2 keys needed)
  • Egypt (3 keys needed)
  • The Greenhouse (4 keys needed)
  • The Stone Age (5 keys needed)
  • The Ice Rink (5 keys needed)
  • Dracula's Castle (8 keys needed)
  • The Dinosaur (9 keys needed)
  • The Construction Site, Part 2 (10 keys needed)
  • The Gangster's Lair (10 keys needed)
  • The Attic (12 keys needed)

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