Plane Crazy

1928 Mickey Mouse short by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks

Plane Crazy is an animated movie made in 1928. It had Mickey Mouse in it. It was made in 1928, but it was not shown to the public until 1929. So it was the first Mickey Mouse film made but the fourth one shown.[4]

Plane Crazy
Theatrical release poster
Directed by
Story by
  • Walt Disney
  • Ub Iwerks
Produced byWalt Disney
StarringWalt Disney
Music byCarl W. Stalling
Animation byUb Iwerks
Color processBlack and white
Distributed byPat Powers (Celebrity Productions)
Release dates
  • May 15, 1928 (1928-05-15)
(test screening)
  • March 17, 1929 (1929-03-17)
(wide release)[1][2]
Running time
5:56 (one reel)[3]
CountryUnited States

At a farm, a mouse named Mickey wants to be like Charles Lindbergh so he builds an airplane but it falls apart so Mickey builds a second plane out of a car and accidentally hits a cow with it. A female mouse named Minnie gives Micky a horseshoe for good luck so Micky brings her on the plane with him. Micky tries to kiss Minnie but she won’t let him so Micky starts driving the plane at a very high speed and she falls out and Micky takes her back into the plane. Minnie doesn’t want to kiss Micky but Micky kisses her anyway so she slaps him in the face. Minnie jumps out of the plane and uses her bloomers as a parachute. Mickey’s plane falls apart and Mickey lands on the ground. Mickey sees Minnie and laughs at her so she leaves. Mickey angrily throws the horseshoe in the air but then it hits him in the head.



After Plane Crazy, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks made The Gallopin Gaucho and then Steamboat Willie.


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