The Gallopin Gaucho

1928 Mickey Mouse short film

The Gallopin Gaucho is the second Mickey Mouse cartoon that Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks ever made. The first was Plane Crazy.

Plot change

A mouse named Mickey rides into a town in Argentina on an ostrich and sees Minnie taking a dancing lesson. Mickey watches while smoking a cigarette. Mickey dances with Minnie. Then a cat named Pete comes and kidnaps Minnie. Minnie calls for Mickey to help her so Mickey comes and he and Pete starts to duel each other with swords. Mickey wins and rescues Minnie. Micky and Minnie leave together.

Influence change

This cartoon was a spoof of the movie The Gaucho starring Douglas Fairbanks.

Legacy change

The next cartoon Disney and Iwerks made was Steamboat Willie.