Pope Benedict XIV

Catholic pope from 1740 to 1758

Pope Benedict XIV (Latin: Benedictus Quartus Decimus; 31 March 1675 – 3 May 1758), born Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini, was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 248th Pope from 1740 until his death in 1758.[1]

Benedict XIV
Papacy began17 August 1740
Papacy ended3 May 1758
PredecessorPope Clement XII
SuccessorPope Clement XIII
Personal details
Birth nameProspero Lorenzo Lambertini
Born(1675-03-31)31 March 1675
Died3 May 1758(1758-05-03) (aged 83)
Other popes named Benedict

Early life


Lambertini was born in Bologna.[2]



In 1725, Lambertini was made Bishop of Theodosia. He became the Bishop of Ancona in 1727. He was made Bishop of Bologna in 1731.[2]



lambertini was raised to the rank of cardinal in 1728.[2]

He was elected Pope in 1740;[2] and he chose to be called Benedict XIV.[3]

Benedict confirms the title of King of Prussia, which was taken in 1701 by the Elector of Brandenburg.[2]

The pope remained neutral in the War of the Spanish Succession.[4]

Benedict ordered the construction of the Fountains of Trevi.[4]

During Benedict's reign, the creation of a Vatican Library catalogue was begun.[2]



The Coat of Arms of Benedict XIV
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Preceded by
Clement XII
Succeeded by
Clement XIII