Pope Gregory XII

head of the Catholic Church (1406–1415)

Pope Gregory XII (Latin: Gregorius Duodecimus; c. 1326 – 18 October 1417) was the 206th Pope. He was born Angelo Corrario at Venice, Italy. He became Bishop of Castello in 1380, titular Patriarch of Constantinople in 1390, a cardinal in 1405, and finally Pope Gregory XII on 30 November 1406. He held office during the years of the Western Schism. In 1415, he resigned during the Council of Constance. He died at Recanati in 1417.[1] His papal resignation was the last until Pope Benedict XVI resigned in February 2013.[2]


Gregory XII
Bishop of Rome
Papacy began30 November 1406
Papacy ended4 July 1415
PredecessorPope Innocent VII
SuccessorPope Martin V
Opposed toAvignon claimant:Pisan claimants:
Created cardinal12 June 1405
by Innocent VII
Personal details
Birth nameAngelo Corraro (or Corario)
Bornc. 1326 or 1327
Venice, Republic of Venice
Died18 October 1417(1417-10-18) (aged 90–91)
Recanati, Marche, Papal States
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Coat of armsGregory XII's coat of arms
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The Coat of Arms of Gregory XII
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Preceded by
Innocent VII
Succeeded by
Martin V