Pope Innocent VII

pope of the Catholic Church from 1404 to 1406

Pope Innocent VII (Latin: Innocentius Septimus; 1336 – November 6, 1406), born Cosimo de' Migliorati, was an Italian cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 205th Pope from 1404 until his death in 1406.[1]

Innocent VII
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Papacy beganOctober 17, 1404
Papacy endedNovember 6, 1406
PredecessorPope Boniface IX
SuccessorPope Gregory XII
Personal details
Birth nameCosimo de' Migliorati
Sulmona, Kingdom of Naples
Died(1406-11-06)November 6, 1406
Other popes named Innocent

Early lifeEdit

Migliorati was born at Sulmona in the Abruzzi region of Italy.[2]

Migliorati studied at Perugia, Padua and Bologna. He taught law at Perugia and Pagua.[3]


Pope Urban VI made Migliorati Bishop of Bologna in 1386. He became Archbishop of Ravenna in 1387.[3]


Pope Boniface IX made Migliorati cardinal in 1389.[3]


Migliorati was elected pope on October 17, 1404; and chose to be called of Innocent VII.[4]

He elevated his nephew as a cardinal Ludovico Migliorati.[3] Cardinal Migliorati had a unique role as cardinal-nephew.[5]

Pope Innocent was involved in Italian and European political disputes.[3]

Western SchismEdit

Innocent VII was pope during the years of the Western Schism, which was a split between factions of the Roman Catholic Church between 1378 and 1417.[6]

During this period, there was more than one who claimed to be the true pope.[6]

Popes of the Western Schism
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Preceded by
Boniface IX
Succeeded by
Gregory XII