Pope Urban VI

pope (1378-1389)

Pope Urban VI (Latin: Urbanus Sextus; c. 1318 – October 15, 1389), born Bartolomeo Prignano, was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 203rd Pope from 1378 to 1389.[1]

Urban VI
Papacy beganApril 8, 1378
Papacy endedOctober 15, 1389
PredecessorPope Gregory XI
SuccessorPope Boniface IX
Personal details
Birth nameBartolomeo Prignano
Died(1389-10-15)October 15, 1389
Other popes named Urban

Early life


Prignano was born in Naples.[2]



In 1364, Prignano was made the Archbishop of Acerenza by Pope Urban V.[2]

Pope Gregory XI made Prignano Archbishop of Bari in 1377.[2]



He was not a cardinal. There were several Popes who were not Cardinals. One of these was Pope Urban V.

Prignano was elected pope on April 8, 1378; and he chose to be called Pope Urban VI.[3]

Western schism


A period called the "Western Schism" began on 20 September 20, 1378 when Robert of Geneva (also known as Clement VII) was chosen pope by 13 French cardinals.[4] Clement VII is now considered to have been an antipope.[5]

A large part of Germany, Flanders, Italy (with exception of Naples), England and Ireland recognized Urban VI as the pope; but many in Western Europe supported the papacy of Clement VII.[4]

Popes of the Western Schism
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The Coat of Arms of Urban VI
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Preceded by
Gregory XI
Succeeded by
Boniface IX