Pope Sixtus V

pope of the Catholic Church from 1585 to 1590

Pope Sixtus V (Latin: Sixtus Quintus; 13 December 1520 – 27 August 1590),[1] born Felice Peretti di Montalto, was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 228th Pope from 1585 to 1590.[2]

Sixtus V
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Papacy began24 April 1585
Papacy ended27 August 1590
PredecessorPope Gregory XIII
SuccessorPope Urban VII
Personal details
Birth nameFelice Peretti di Montalto
Born(1520-12-13)13 December 1520
Grottammare, Papal States
Died27 August 1590(1590-08-27) (aged 69)
Other popes named Sixtus

Early lifeEdit

Felice Peretti was born in December 1520 at Grottammare[3] in the province of Ascoli Piceno.[4]


In 1547, Peretti was ordained.[3]

Peretti became a Franciscan; and in 1560, he became Apostolic vicar of his order.[3]

In 1565, Pope Pius IV assigned Peretti to work with Cardinal Buoncompagni (who would become Pope Gregory XIII); but they did not work well together.[4]


In 1566 Pope Pius V made Peretti Bishop of Sant' Agata dei Goti in the Kingdom of Naples.[3]


In 1570, Peretti was raised to the rank of cardinal.[3]

After the election of Gregory XIII, Peretti withdrew from public activities.[4]


Cardinal di Montalto was elected pope in 1585; and he chose the name Sixtus V.[5]

During the reign of Sixtus V, the dome of St Peter's Basilica was completed;. The external dome was covered with lead and the bands were covered with bronze gilt.[6]

A building for the Vatican Library was constructed.[5]

The investment in public works included the loggia of Sixtus in the Basilica of St. John Lateran; the chapel of the Praesepe in Santa Maria Maggiore; additions and repairs to the Quirinal Palace, Lateran Palace and Vatican Palace; the erection of four obelisks (including the one in the Piazza of St Peter's; the opening of six streets; and the restoration of the aqueduct of Severus (Acqua Felice).[4]

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Coat of arms of Sixtus V
  1. Note that the first three popes are called "Xystus" in ancient records. Sixtus or Xystus was a Roman name which was Latinized from the Greek name "Ξυστος." This name means "polished." This name is not to be confused with the common Roman name "Sextus" which means "sixth".
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Preceded by
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