Pope Telesphorus

Bishop of Rome from c. 126 to c. 137

Pope Telesphorus was the seventh Pope of the Catholic Church, the official title is Bishop of Rome from approximately 125-136 C.E.

This Pope was born in Calabria to Greek parents and there is a parish church dedicated to him today.[1]

Earlier in his life he worked with the hermits of Mount Carmel in Palestine and is still remembered in the Carmelite Order of Monks. He is credited with the custom of the Midnight Mass, celebrated at Christmas and for the period of reflection during the season of Lent but this is disputed.[1] He celebrated Easter on Sundays whereas many early Catholics were observing the Jewish custom and celebrating it on Passover.[2]

His martydom under the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius can be confirmed. He was made a Saint by the Catholic Church. His feast days are celebrated on January 5, February 3 and 22.[1]


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