Province of Viterbo

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The Province of Viterbo (Italian: Provincia di Viterbo) is a province in the Lazio region of Central Italy. Its capital is the city of Viterbo.

Province of Viterbo
Viterbo, the Palace of the Popes
Viterbo, the Palace of the Popes.
Coat of arms of Province of Viterbo
Map with the province of Viterbo in Italy
Map with the province of Viterbo, in red, in Italy
Coordinates: 42°25′7″N 12°6′15″E / 42.41861°N 12.10417°E / 42.41861; 12.10417
Country Italy
 • PresidentMauro Mazzola[1]
 • Total3,615.24 km2 (1,395.85 sq mi)
 (January 2017)[3]
 • Total319,008
 • Density88/km2 (230/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
01100, 010xx
Telephone prefix0761, 0763, 0766, 06
Vehicle registrationVT
WebsiteOfficial website

The province is also called Tuscia.

History change

The province of Viterbo was created in January of 1927 with part of the old Province of Rome. In March of the same, the comune of Monte Romano.

In 1928, five comuni were added: Montalto di Castro, Monterosi, Nepi, Oriolo Romano and Tarquinia.

Geography change

The province of Viterbo has an area of 3,615.24 km2 (1,395.85 sq mi),[2] making it the second largest province of the Lazio region.

The province is bordered to the northwest with Tuscany (Grosseto and Siena provinces), to the northeast with Umbria (Terni province), to the east with the Rieti province and to the south with Rome. The Tyrrhenian Sea is to the west.

The province is in the northwest of the Lazio region. Most of the territory of the province is flat or with small hills. The highest mountain in the province is Monte Cimino (42°24′28″N 12°12′4″E / 42.40778°N 12.20111°E / 42.40778; 12.20111 (Monte Cimino)), in the southern part of the province, with an altitude of 1,053 m (3,455 ft).[4]

The main river in the province is the Tiber that forms the border between the Umbria (province of Terni) and Lazio (province of Viterbo) regions.

There are several lakes; the largest is the Bolsena lake with an area of 113.5 km2 (43.8 sq mi).

Administration change

Map of the province of Viterbo

The following shows the comuni of the province with more of 9,000 people living in them (1 January 2017).[3]

Comune Population
1 056059 Viterbo 67,488
2 056021 Civita Castellana 16,418
3 056050 Tarquinia 16,383
4 056057 Vetralla 14,031
5 056036 Montefiascone 13,454
6 056039 Nepi 9,620

The largest comune is Viterbo, with 406.23 km2 (156.85 sq mi) and the two smallest are Calcata (7.63 km2 [2.95 sq mi] ) and Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia (5.28 km2 [2.04 sq mi] ).[5] The comune with fewest people living in it is Tessennano with 339 inhabitants.

Population change

In 2017, there are 319,008 persons living in the province,[3] for a population density of 88.2 inhabitants/km².

Evolution of the population in the Viterbo province

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