Reed College

private liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon

Reed College is a private liberal arts college in Portland Oregon. Reed was begun in 1908 and had its first classes in 1911. Reed is an undergraduate school. An unusually high number of Reed's students go on to get Ph.D.s after they graduate. Reed is the only private undergraduate school to have a nuclear reactor.

Reed College
A large room with high ceilings and many bookshelves
A picture of Hauser Library, a part of Reed College
PresidentJohn R. Kroger
DeanNigel Nicholson
Academic staff
Location, ,

Tuition at Reed is about $44,200 a year.[2] Reed is secular, meaning the school is not part of a religion. The school does not do very many NCAA sports, and it does not have any fraternities or sororities.

Reed students are called "Reedies". Students are often called nonconformists. As a joke, some students say the motto of the school is "Communism, Atheism, Free Love".



Some famous or important people who went to Reed include:


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