Rick Perry 2016 presidential campaign

The 2016 presidential campaign of Rick Perry, the 47th Governor of Texas, was officially launched on June 4, 2015. This campaign constitutes Perry's second consecutive bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.[2][3] Perry announced on September 11, 2015 that he had suspended his campaign.[4]

Rick Perry for President 2016
CampaignRepublican primaries
U.S. presidential election, 2016
CandidateRick Perry
Governor of Texas (2000–2015)
Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1999–2000)
AffiliationRepublican Party
StatusAnnounced: June 4, 2015
Withdrew: September 11, 2015
HeadquartersP.O. Box 162406
Houston, Texas
ReceiptsUS$1,139,366 (2015-06-30[1])


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