Royal Alcazar of Madrid

erstwhile fortress located at the site of today's Royal Palace of Madrid (Spain)

The Royal Alcazar of Madrid (Real Alcázar de Madrid) was a former royal residence. It was originally built as a fortress by Muslims between 850 and 856 AD.[1] It was in the center of Madrid and served as the center of the Spanish royal court. This was up to the construction of the Royal Palace of Madrid by the Bourbons in the 1700's. the great building kept its original title of Alcázar (English: "fortress").

The Alcazar as it appeared

The first extension to the building was completed in 1537 and was commissioned by King Charles I. Its exterior was constructed by the architect "Juan Gómez de Mora" in 1636, commissioned by King Philip IV.

It was famous for its many paintings and for its unusual architecture. It was the residence of the Spanish Royal Family and home of the Court until it was destroyed by fire in 1734.[2] Many artistic treasures were lost. This included over 500 paintings, although 1,038 artworks were saved from the fire.[3] One of these was Las Meninas by Velázquez.[4] It was damaged, but later restored by Juan García de Miranda.[4]

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